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I have had a number of psychic readings from Effie and am always amazed at her accuracy and natural intuition. 


Effie always delivers her messages in a gentle and caring way and her genuineness for wanting to help guide you along the right path is evident. 


A number of readings have come to fruition at a later date, only emphasising even more Effie's natural ability to connect with spirit.

~ Rebecca T

I have been a client of Effie Seguel now for a number of years. She is truly gifted in conducting psychic readings and is very accurate and authentic. Her warm and kind manner always makes for a truly enriching experience.

~ Julie

I have had the pleasure of receiving both healing sessions and psychic readings by Effie Seguel.


Effie is insightful and very accurate with her psychic readings. She knew information about myself that I have not told a soul. The spiritual guidance she has given me is priceless.


On 2 occasions I have had 2 x 60 minute healings. I felt very safe and calm in Effie’s healing room. She's always very welcoming and her energy is very calming. The 60 minutes always goes too quickly. I leave feeling refreshed and destressed.


Effie picked up on a issue with my health and asked me to go see a doctor. Luckily I did, as it ended up being a serious health issue which doesn't show any symptoms. I'm very grateful for this. If left untreated I might not be here today.


I highly recommend Effie for both psychic and healing sessions.

~ Jaclyn

Effie is one of the most warmest, genuine & nurturing people that I have had the pleasure to come across.  Effie has helped my family and I to remove the high levels of negative energy surrounding us.  It's amazing at what she can read (or the spirits tell her) when she is burning the cloves.  She picks up on things that are happening in your life and tells you the signs that sometimes you don't see for yourself.  I have been seeing Effie for over a year now and would highly recommend her to family & friends.  Thank you Effie for everything and for being the lovely soul that you are.  

~ Razia

Absolutely amazing, beautiful and unique experience. Was really impressed with Effie's ability to read and accurately interpret the universe's messages. My healing sessions with Effie are simply fantastic. I started my sessions over six month ago and I feel lighter and healthier, my mind is clearer with every session. Effie helped me overcome health and work issues and  I believe I'm on a road to great success and internal freedom. I'm so lucky I found Effie! A million million thanks!  Can't wait until my next appointment! 

~ Sergey

I experienced an incredible cleansing session from Effie after removing myself from a very toxic relationship. I left that room feeling like an entirely different person. Effie's powerful gift is something I have never experienced with any other healer, and her insight is so dead accurate that I got goose bumps during the session. I have recommended endless people to her and will continue to do so. She is truly an amazing woman and I cannot thank her enough for how much she helped me. 

~ Bec

My life journey had me meet Effie to heal what I felt was a negative energy that was attached to me. Effie answered all of my questions, made me feel safe, at ease and then started her healing.


The session was an emotional roller coaster. I was not expecting to receive messages, Effie spoke with precise, concise messages with symbols connected to me and my family. So pure in spirit, Effie is one of the most amazing humans I've met, she will heal your heart and let your soul shine again.

~ Matthew

Effie is a gifted healer with a warm and loving heart. Amongst other things, she is able to shift stuck energy, and bring about palpable change. Thank you, Effie!

~ Catherine

I met Effie a couple of years ago and since then she has helped me in so many ways. She is sincere, genuine and most of all she is gentle and uses non-invasive ways of clearing any negativity inflicted by others onto me and my family.


Effie has also helped me on my own spiritual path and has become a dear and special friend along the way.

~ Sharon 

Effie always takes the time to explain the process of what she is doing and is more than happy to share her knowledge and educate her clients.


She is authentic and has a genuine desire to heal and I always leave feeling calm and at peace after seeing her. She is very talented and most importantly, kind and I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

~ Rebecca

Effie's passion for her work is clear and concise when it comes to healing. She is a beautiful channel to remove and assist in the breakthrough that is needed. Her techniques of the Evil Eye Removal are outstanding. I have personally experienced and witnessed this process. It truly is truth in what is removed. Removing what is not for our highest good. I would recommend Effie to you without hesitation.

~ Robyn

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